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Fully Customizable Stores

You have the power to customize your store the way you want. Online stores need to be customized and updated on a regular basis. Using the Net My Store's Store Manager app you can configure your products, categories, themes and even applications with ease and in no time. Net My Store gives you total control of your store.

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Managing your content has never been so easy!

You can add your own pages and display all what you want to share with your customers. You don't have to be a tech guru in order to add new pages in your store or to update the existing ones. The inbuilt Page Editor helps you in creating beautiful pages with ease. The best part is that the pages that you create automatically adapt to your store's theme.

Use Your Own Cool Domain Name

If it's your store, it should be your address. Build your brand strong by having your store on your own business domain like Let your brand be clearly visible to the world. If you already have a website on your domain, you can still have your store on a subdomain like


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And much more...

Shopping Cart, Online Payments, Order Management, Shopper Management are some of the vital features which makes an online store a complete eCommerce enabled shop. You can find all of these utilities in Net My Store's App Store and use them as per your business needs. Everything works just out of the box!