Live Stores

Below featured are some of the live stores running on the Net My Store public cloud.

Gulati Plaza

An electronic consumer goods retailer takes his store online to publish the latest offerings.

Satyam Sales

A mica, ply and kitchen interior retailer, showcases all the latest designs available in the store.


A hobbyist turned entrepreneur uses the store to sell her artwork from home.

Pioneer World of Computers

The best computer store of the town goes online to increase their reach.

Tomer Steel Works

A poultry equipment manufacturer runs his store to showcase his work and take new orders.

Anands Cold Cuts

A frozen food retailer uses his store to connect with the customers and reach a wider market.

Fairy Fashion

A ready-made garment manufacturer and exporter uses his online store to take new orders.

Quality Vintage Scooters

A vintage scooter reseller and exporter, runs his business only through his online store.

Sample Stores

Some of the concept stores that we created on the Net My Store public cloud.


This store showcases an online flower shop. Built with the florista theme.

Jute Is Cute

This store immitates a jute bag online store. This dummy store uses the cute-jute theme.


A dummy online store featuring eye wear and accessories. It uses the shades theme.


A concept store showcasing a furniture shop with a collection of classic & contemporary furniture.

Art Mart

A sample store featuring the crafty theme. It imitates an online store selling craft items.

Fashion Store

A dummy online apparel store showcasing a collection of ready made clothes for women.